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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Minimum MEL Requirements

Overall MEL Framework

OGB MEL Pages on Intranet

Glossary of Terms

Contact me 




Welcome to the Wiki on

OGB's Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Systems in Asia!


For this complete Wiki on a PDF, Click on  OGB_MEL_Wiki.pdf




Glossary of Terms


1. Introduction


2. OGB’s MEL Framework


A. What are the Minimum things you MUST DO in MEL? MUST DO


B. What is OGB’s Overall MEL Framework?


Corporate/ HQ Level


3. The Corporate Planning process at OGB


4. OGB Corporate Monitoring Reporting Processes


5. OGB Annual Reports & Plans


6. Summary of Mandatory Evaluation policies/ procedures in Oxfam


7. OGB's Corporate Learning Systems


Regional and Country Levels


8. Regional Quarterly Monitoring Report MUST DO


9. Regional Learning Reviews (RLR) MUST DO


10. Six Monthly and Annual Country Reports MUST DO 


11. Country Learning Reviews MUST DO


Programme and Project Levels


12. Programme Implementation Plan (PIP) MUST DO

A. Introduction

B. What is a PIP?

C. Why do we use PIPs?

D. How do we develop a PIP?

E. Amending the PIP

F. What does a good PIP look like?

G. How is a PIP appraised?


13. How to create a GOOD Project? MUST DO

A. How to create a Project?

B. How do you know if your project is GOOD - Design quality


14. Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning from Programmes


15. Programme Monitoring Reviews MUST DO


16. What are Evaluations and how to conduct them MUST DO

16.1. Planning Evaluations

16.2. Contracting and managing evaluators

16.3. Writing a management response

16.4. Sample Evaluation Terms of References Templates


17. Global Performance Framework MUST DO


(Note: “MUST DO” = MEL things Asia Programme Staff HAVE to do –Mandatory Stuff)



Useful Links


This document is drawn from the following main sources within OGB:  


OGB Programme Framework




Guide to Mandatory Procedures in OGB




Project Cycle Management: The Guide





Note: Links to OGB Intranet will only work if you are connected to the OGB Intranet through office LAN or Wi-Fi or are connected to Oxford server through Juniper.



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Minimum MEL Requirements

Overall MEL Framework

OGB MEL Pages on Intranet

Glossary of Terms

Contact me 



Wiki by: Pankaj Shrivastav (Regional MEL Coordinator - Asia)

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